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Mid-West Truckers Association has been running drug and alcohol testing services for more than 20 years for the trucking industry. Our professionally run programs can provide your trucking company, workplace or student athletes with a comprehensive, professional and accurate testing service. When you use Mid-West Truckers Association’s testing services, you can expect:

  • Complete step-by-step instructions on how to use your drug and/or alcohol program
  • Sample policy you can adopt as your own for your CDL, Workplace, or Student Athlete Testing
  • All the appropriate forms and free updates as needed to meet changing regulations.
  • Assistance with all the annual record keeping as required by state and federal law.
  • Option to have samples taken at your place of business for convenience.
  • Proper chain of custody of the samples by qualified personnel.
  • Qualified personnel collecting urine samples.
  • Alcohol testing conducted by a qualified Screening Technician.
  • Air courier services for urine samples to be expressed to a federally-approved laboratory.
  • Qualified Medical Review Officer to approve all drug test results

Mid-West Truckers DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing – This program is designed for your company compliance with all the DOT drug and alcohol testing for drivers of vehicles over 26,001 lbs. With over 18,000 CDL drivers, MTA DOT Drug and Alcohol Consortium has a proven track record serving owner operators to companies with hundreds of drivers. Our unique pricing structure guarantees you have controlled costs and peace of mind that you are in compliance.

Mid-West Service Corporation Drug & Alcohol Free Workplace Testing - Operated independently from the DOT Testing pool, this program allows your company the flexibility creating a drug & alcohol testing service best suited for your business. Keep your workplace and employees safe by instituting your company’s drug and/or alcohol free workplace testing program today.

  • Your company does not have to join MTA to have Workplace Testing
  • You can adapt a policy to fit your unique needs
  • Provides for collections at your worksite
  • Provides all the appropriate forms, chain of custody, and free updates to keep you current

Contact Jennifer Grider at jenniferg@midwesttruckers.com / Candy Wendt at candyw@midwesttruckers.com, or call (217) 525-0310 to find out more

Mid-West Service Corporation Student Athlete Testing – As a third party administrator Mid-West Service Corporation will help create the student athlete testing program best suited for your schools needs. We will ensure you have the processes, procedures and policies in place to protect your students and the school. Contact us today to find out more on how we can provide the most comprehensive student athlete testing program that fits your schools needs.

Contact Jennifer Grider at jenniferg@midwesttruckers.com / Candy Wendt at candyw@midwesttruckers.com, or call (217) 525-0310 to find out more

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