Workers' Compensation... For the Trucking Industry

Mid-West Truckers Association started the Mid-West Truckers Risk Management Association (MTRMA) as a self-funded workers’ compensation program for its members. Since 1991, MTRMA has provided consistent savings and rates in workers compensation insurance.

Benefits of MTRMA:

Return of Contribution – OVER $20,000,000 has been returned to qualifying MTRMA (Mid-West Truckers Risk Management Association)members since 1995. Join MTRMA and save money on your workers’ compensation premium.

Consistent Rates – MTRMA rates have remained consistent over the past several years. MTRMA has not had a base rate change in the past 5 years. (Individual member companies may see some difference in their rates based on their MOD or individual losses)

Flexible Payment Options – MTRMA offers several different payment options based on individual company needs. We listen to our members and work hard to create payment option solutions.

Various Premium Size – MTRMA has over 600 Illinois domiciled companies in the workers compensation program. Premiums range from $5,000 to $1,000,000, proving that we can service a multitude of different size trucking companies

Market for Truckers – MTRMA works with several agents who match MTRMA with a general liability carrier for a complete package for your company.

Program Stability - MTRMA’s financial status is reviewed annually by the Department of Insurance, a payroll auditor, and an actuary. The Executive Board and Board of Directors for the MTRMA meet monthly to review the programs financial status.

Dedicated Service Team – The MTRMA has a dedicated service team working on the program. This team has trucking experience and works in your favor to provide cost effective solutions for your workers compensation needs.

Pre-Qualification to getting in MTRMA:

Must be a member of Mid-West Truckers Assocation, Inc. (Your company can be quoted for rates before joining MTA)

Illinois domiciled company

Current plus 4 years prior Workers Compensation History

Trended Loss Ratio Under 50%

Experience Mod 1.2 or lower

Approved Class Codes

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